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Murchison Falls National Park


Murchison Falls national Park is Uganda’s largest national park covering an area of 3.840km2. It’s name-giving feature, the Murchison Falls, are the largest cataract along the entire length of this mighty river. Here the river forces itself through a tiny 8m wide gorge to thunder down into the “devil’s cauldron” 45m below. Hereafter the river becomes placid and meanders slowly towards Lake Albert, creating the famous delta area within the national park. The delta is the best place for viewing some of the park’s 76 mammal species and 451 bird species. It is home to Uganda’s largest giraffe and oribi populations.

Highlights for visitors are taking a boatride into the delta or to the bottom of the falls, visiting the top of the falls or going on a gamedrive through the open plains of the Nile delta. The nile crocodiles seen along the banks are truly impressive!

While the northern part of the park are dominated by savannah, acacia trees, riverine woodland and borassus palms, the southern sector is heavily forested.


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