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Lake Mburo National Park


Lake Mburo National Park is an easy half days journey from Kampala and conveniently located on the major road that connects the capital to Uganda’s most visited national parks in the west. Comprising only 370km2, this is Uganda’s smallest savannah national park, yet the only one which has an entire lake within it’s boundaries. Highlights on a safari to Lake Mburo are the highest zebra population compared to anywhere else in the country, the only impala population in Uganda, herds of Eland, the world’s largest antelope, and comparably the highest amount of leopard sightings. A boat trip on the lake also gives the opportunity to see hippos and some of the 350 bird species recorded here.

Although being classified as a savannah national park, Lake Mburo National Park now contains a lot of woodland, due to the fact that there are no elephants to contain the growth of vegetation.

The local tribe in the area are the Bahima. They are pastoralists and mostly known for their cows with enormous curved horns. Due to the close proximity of the Bahima homesteads and the lack of a proper park boundary, subsistence poaching and poisoning of predators for protection has lead to extensive conservational compensation schemes in the area.


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