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National Parks


Uganda’s National Parks are unparalleled when it comes to the diversity of flora and fauna coupled with mind-blowing scenic backdrops and natural wonders. The great Albertine Rift Valley runs through western Uganda providing an unmatched range of ecosystems.
The rainforest in south western Uganda is home to the endangered mountain gorilla and lies in close proximity to Ishasha, the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of the few places on earth where lions have taken to climbing trees on a regular basis. Further north in the same park, the Kazinga Channel connects Lake George with Lake Edward, presenting the traveler with the opportunity to view a substantial amount of big game coming down to the waters edge and up to 600 bird species. Chimpanzees can be tracked in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale Forest National Park and on the southern border of Murchison Falls National Park. The far reaches of Kidepo Valley National Park lures with it’s remoteness and stunning beauty. Mountain Climbers and hikers are tempted by the volcanoes straddling the border to Rwanda in the south west, the Rwenzori Mountain Range bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, and Mount Elgon and Mount Kadam in the East.

For being such a relatively small country, Uganda is packed with attractions and must-sees. With proper planning, the trip of a lifetime can become true here for anybody.

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