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What’s Wild! Safaris was one of the first photo safaris companies in East Africa founded in 1949 by Commander Blunt, who is the grandfather of one of the owners of the revived safari company. All three owners of What’s Wild! Safaris spent part of their childhood in East Africa and grew up with a great deal of passion and love for this exciting continent.

We specialize on Uganda as all three owners have been involved in tourism in this incredibly friendly country for a combined 28 years. One of the main reasons to start a safari company was to offer top quality service at reasonable prices.

Having gathered part of our Ugandan tourism expertise by running some of the best Lodges in the country we decided to try a different approach. We have the best vehicles you can use combined with extremely professional and knowledgeable guides.

Come on safari with us and you will have the time of your life. From tracking the mountain gorillas or chimpanzees, to exploring some of the most exciting savanna National Parks in Africa, to hiking the mountains of the moon or experiencing exhilarating horseback safaris, we can put together anything you would like to make this an unique safari experience.

  • Facebook: WhatsWildSafarisUganda
  • Flickr: whatswildsafaris